Very Fine People on Both Sides

Very Fine People (on both sides)

“I’ve got people to the left of me, I’ve got people on the right.”   Eric Fresia

I’m Gulf side with a new pencil and a blank page,

watching fears hum and hover

like bees in the salt fog morning.

The Gulf of Mexico, redolent of the high tide

(and times), chaws at the shoreline

from the Yucatan to Pensacola.

The Kleptocrat,



So eloquently dissembled,

“There are very fine people on both sides”.

A statement that free standing almost always rings true.

Very fine people eating, shitting, moving, heating the Earth in infinitesimal increments.

Fine people

reproducing like flesh eating bacteria

on the skin of Mother Earth.

Storms meteorological, metaphysical, political, augment.

Allegories of prescience blow ashore.

He says,

“They bring drugs. They bring crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people”.

Meanwhile the Gulf grows wider

between housed and homeless, jailer and jailed,

possessors and possessed.

A fine edge (of fine people) expands into a broad wedge

that divides

and we survive like cannibal ants

in an abandoned silo.

Senate met with a foregone conclusion

of no collusion but are coconspirators.

Et tu?

Bully, nag, mayhem, murder, avarice unleashed,

and, of course,

fine people on both sides

on fine edge

of fine steel

as fine sand

of the finest beaches

retreats back to the ocean floor.

A fine crack

in the fine cap

of the fine oil well located

on the fine sand

of the fine bottom

of the fine Gulf of Mexico,

allows a fine flow

of fine crude to leech and continue to contaminate and kill.

Gaslighters belch self-serving verbiage, grasping, gorging along their way.

Yet even the most ardent fabulists and prevaricators

acknowledge certain truths.

Self-evident … disregarded.

The author of the Declaration of Independence kept slaves.

A spiritual Battle of Gettysburg

at fever pitch exists. Amongst the gangsters,

preachers, and generals,

amongst the anarchists, professors, and doctors

there are, no doubt,

very fine people on both sides.