Series Work

Certain subjects have held my attention over a group of paintings. Some series are ongoing. For details and availability of each painting, visit The WORK section of the menu page.



Dinghy Beach Series

               This series consists of images related to a popular local beach in Pugwash, NS on the Northumberland Strait where swimmers and salt ships mingle. Jumping off the wharf is a rite of passage for the youth who gather there.

Dinghy Beach, Pugwash

The Formative Years

Journey of a Thought

The Big Splash

On the Verge


POAG Series

The Pugwash Open Air Gallery series depicts people interacting with the outdoor installations located around the village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia.  Art that portrays a sense of time, place, and community.


A Cat's Meow


Spend Time with Me!


Walk About

Singing in the Rain

At Ease

Walking on Water

Past Pugwash Branch

Much Like a Morning like this....

It's About Hope....

Cyclic Visit to the Mailbox

A Higher Power

Time for Peace


Make America Great Series

Tongue in cheek visual interpretations of famous phrases by former president Donald Trump: “Make America Great Again”, “Very Fine People on Both Sides” referencing the events in Charlottesville, “It’s a Hoax” pertaining to climate change, and “Stand Back and Stand By” regarding the events of the insurrection.

Make America Great, Again

very fine people


Stand down


Mannequin Series

I imagine the female torso as the symbolic encapsulation of the oppression of womankind. Minus appendages, her gender objectified, she is hobbled by inequality, bias, domestic violence, sexual abuse, patriarchy, misogyny, … and yet she presses forward, navigating the difficult shores of the 21st century.


2020 and still counting

March of time

Unbroken mould

boudicca nite light

coming ashore